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12/28/14 | SAT:  NEW PATCHES!

Finally, just in time for the holidays.  We have available

Most of the new patches are on the Wizardverse page, but the Snitch is on the Quidditch page and the Champion's patch is on the Shield page, and a preview of those upcoming are on each of their respective pages.

Now I'm going to repeat what was written in the mailing that we just sent out:  TO ALL US/CANADA CUSTOMERS:   BETWEEN December 10th and DEC 17th, we advise that you add $18.00 for Xpresspost to guarantee delivery of your order by Dec 25th.  For all EXPRESSPOST orders made between the above mentioned dates, we will offer a full money back guraratee if you do not receive your patch(es) by Dec 25th (provided that the patch(es) is/are returned).  AFTER DEC 17th, for guaranteed delivery by the 25th, you'll want to use FedEx Overnight (a $45 surcharge).   You can read about every form of extra postage that we offer on the newly clarified page linked from each of the December 19th premiering patches or by clicking on this LINK.

Again, we're going to have to sincerely, sincerely apologize to our overseas (non-USA/Canada) customers for the inconvenience of not being able to guarantee timely delivery of regular airmail orders esp if made after DEC 10th -- so please order in advance; as at this time the only international (non-US/Canada) speedy delivery service we can offer is Fedex International for $60.00 (2-3 days delivery). If you would like us to bill shipping to your personal fedex account (instead of paying upfront for shipping), we'll be more then happy to oblige. Just email us your fedex account number IMMEDIATELY (so that we don't ship your order as regular mail) after you've placed your order.



Okay, a quick note:  The links on the left have changed a little; navigation is a little more organized (I think), because I needed to make space for the new sections.  New sections include the real Ordering/Shipping page, Patch Care, and Fan Gallery.  There's nothing in the fan gallery yet because of a few reasons; we haven't officially started to solicit submissions, and I've been busying myself with our newest patches, which are:

While that's not all I promised in the last update, it's still a significant bunch of additions to our offerings, especially those special "magic" Auror and Dark Mark patches. I will post them immediately after I get the word from the boss that they are in stock, but here are the teasers for those two (can you tell what's "magic" about them?):



  Hopefully that will be soon and in time for the final Christmas push. -- JaCk for


11/09/05 | FRI:  GoF IS UPON US.

And here is another shipping message from the boss:

FOR USA/CANADA ORDERS ONLY: Xpresspost delivers in 4-6 business days. If you add the Xpresspost payment option ($13.00) into your shopping carts before you checkout, delivery will be guaranteed by Friday, November 18th (provided your order is received before the evening of Friday, November 11th).

All Xpresspost orders received after Friday, Nov.11th will be shipped on Monday, Nov 14th but may or may not (depending on where you are located) deliver by Friday, November 18th (the 4th Work day).


After Friday, Nov 11th, for those who must absolutely get guaranteed delivery by Nov 18th, FedEx Priority Overnight is the way to go: PLEASE REFER TO THIS PAGE to add payment for FedEx Priority Overnight into your shopping cart before checkout. All FedEx Overnight orders will be shipped the same day, if received before 2:30 PM Eastern Standard Time (New York time).

SPECIAL FOR U.S. PayPal ORDERS ONLY!:  FOR ALL REGULAR MAIL ORDERS (the "free shipping" ones) PLACED BETWEEN MONDAY, Nov 7th, AND THURSDAY, Nov 10th, we're offering a money back guarantee. Details are thus: For the benefit of each of our USA/CANADA Customers who don't want to risk the chance of losing money by buying patches and not receiving them in time for the premiere, we're offering a full MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if your patch(es) is(are) not received by Friday, November 18th. For refund, patches must be SENT BACK to our address. We cannot assume responsibility for return shipping costs or loss of your returned parcel. All refunds will be paid ONLY to the buyer's original PayPal address within 12-48 hours of our receiving your returned patches (sorry, but we cannot process mail/snail mail refunds).

As for other things, I'm working vigorously to get other designs out.  I'm afraid that this site here has to be overhauled again, which is fine, but what I'm not fine with is that we weren't able to get certain designs done in time for the premiere.  Christmas, yes. But the premiere is upon us (next week, woo! Hope you all have your tickets already!), and I'm well aware that we don't have our Durmstrang, Beauxbatons, Champion's patch, etc. out yet.  It's been very hectic on our side, but we do have them in the works.  Others in the works:

We're also trying to thin out some of our older stock; things that were here before I got here/things that are no longer our own exclusives (some of you may know that yes, we do have a few competitors out there!); but as for the exclusives, we'll be keeping to our promise that anything marked "exclusive" will be of the utmost highest quality for our cosplaying fans.

So as you can see, we're really busy!  But remember, it's all for the fans like you who take great joy in quality roleplay finishings.

There are a few other things to say, but they're not too pressing, so I'll leave you to your sewing (as I must get to my own!).    Good luck on your costumes and have fun at the premiere! -- JaCk for



Okay, this comes from the boss/our shipping facilities in Canada.  Please refrain from emailing about shipping;  that is the designer's email, and I do not ship.   I don't have any stock here.  This may change in the future, but as of right now, I've got no stock on me and I don't track the orders.  Email or with "ORDERING/SHIPPING PROBLEM" somewhere in the subject line.

That said, here is the very important info I need to pass on:

At this point, regular airmail delivery MAY OR MAY NOT DELIVER BY FRIDAY, OCT 28th.

Regular mail/airmail (our default shipping) can take from:
EITHER:   4 days to 10 days(80% of time),
OR:   10 days to 3 1/2 weeks (15% of the time),
OR:   3 1/2 to 4 weeks (5% of time).

Also, depending on the international destination, shipments to some places may be slower.  Unfortunately, we can even experience delays for neighbouring U.S.-bound parcels, mostly due to customs.





We cannot be responsible for delays in delivery (i.e. delivery after Friday, Oct 28th) if you opt for regular mail/airmail service or Xpresspost Service (for orders placed after Wednesday Oct. 19th but before Friday, Oct. 21st).

Also, here is a tip from me, your designer:  We have been here for at least two to three years or so.   A lot of you are returning customers, so you know the drill; spread the word about us before any sense of urgency kicks in.   And by that, I mean that people will be scrambling like they are now to get their finishing touches on their creations before the Goblet of Fire premiere next month; don't wait until the last minute!  If you know any fans like yourselves who are even remotely thinking about dressing up for the premiere/premiere parties, tell them about us.  As for me, I'll try to do a better job of spreading the word myself.  Okay?  All right.  

Also, and idea that I've come up with:  I'd like to get some feedback from people, pictoral and otherwise.   I think it would be nice to have a fan gallery of finished products/costumes that use our patches.  If you think you would like to participate, DO email me at (since I am the web designer as well).  Who knows what will come of this idea, but I hope that it's good enough to warrant a nice new section here at Good luck on all of your Halloween 2005 projects, and have fun gearing up for Goblet of Fire (BTW, we will be producing Durmstrang, Beauxbatons, Champion's RObes patches, and Ministry of Magic patches, hopefully with a bit of time to spare before the movie comes out). -- JaCk for


10/14/05 | FRI: Busy times ahead! HALLOWEEN ORDERING.

We understand that there are many people rushing to complete their costumes before Halloween, and before the release of Goblet of Fire on November 18th.   Here is what I, JaCk, can offer as advice about your costumes (in short, and answering the many FAQs I get in my email):

Given that, I have to say that I have no control over when PayPal fails, but am aware that there've been quite a few people emailing us about problems with PayPal; we're looking into it.

Here's a note from the boss:

It's still possible to get patches by halloween if shipped by regular mail, and some backordered patches will be shipped on Monday, October 17th.  Also, we're offering a money back guarantee on all orders placed before October 19th (even if they are regular mail orders) from USA/CANADA. If you do not receive your patch(es) by October 28th, just return the patch when it arrives.

I'm also working on the new Movie Version Durmstrang patch as fast as I can. I've yet to acquire a good representation of the Movie Version Beauxbatons design, but don't fret, I'll get it with at least some time before the movie comes out.

If you have any questions about your order, please email Thanks, and you fans are the best. -- JaCk for

P.S. I've moved all of the news from last year off of this main page onto a new page.  Just scroll down and click the link to "News & Events Archive 2004".


9/09/05 | FRI: Our Statement on Katrina and the Relief Efforts

A great tragedy has befallen one of the world's most beloved American cities this past couple of weeks. All politics and blame aside, we can all agree that America's Hurricane Survivors--human and animal--need help, and if you can afford to but have not yet, please do.

The American Red Cross

HSUS -- Please help Pet Rescue Efforts

Thank you, and we're working on our own ideas/incentives to raise donations for the relief efforts as fast as we can. -- JaCk


7/11/05 | MON: Goblet of Fire Test Screening Reviews

Hi all. Seems as though a few VERY lucky people got to see a test screening of Goblet of Fire this weekend at the Piper's Alley Theater in Chicago. To read the previews reviews, go to either the Oscarwatch Forums or The Leaky Lounge (WARNING: You WILL be 'spoiled' if you choose to go to the Oscarwatch Forums; Leaky, however, tends to be spoiler-sensitive.) The movie itself was in its basic rough cut format (special effects not finished, soundtrack not finished, general tech unfinished), but from a non-fan's POV it sounds to be very, very good.

-- JaCk


7/05/05 | TUE: Grrrrreetings!

As webmaster, I'm going to start speaking from my own hand, as I'm the one who updates the site/parts of the site relevant to customer communication and appreciation. I'll explain shortly who does what and where information comes from. but for now, a little bit of exciting news.

We here at Patch Palace hope that you've been busying yourselves with your various projects. We realize we're long overdue for an update here, and we're going to try and make it up to you by unveiling this:

Yes, as promised, we're going to bring you the best and the most exclusive costuming project accessories, and I've designed a house patch for all of those diehard book!canon Ravenclaw costumers who've been clamoring for years about obtaining a suitable patch. I took the basic design of the movie patch and tailored it to suit the "real" colors of Ravenclaw--blue and bronze--and have switched the animal charge in the middle back to that of an eagle (the cap has also been changed to an eagle's head). I carefully selected the colors so that it may just be possible for the patch to go on either a Design I or Design II style standard school robe (Design I = Sorcerer's Stone & Chamber of Secrets, Design II = Prisoner of Azkaban and assumedly Goblet of Fire); the dark blue of the field behind the eagle should complement the hood lining of a Design II school robe just fine.

The patch itself will soon be available for PREORDER/SHIPPING on JULY 8th, most likely on its appropriate House page. I will link as soon as I can, which should be within the next couple of days. We have to apologize that it will most likely not be ready for the release of Book 6, but we guarantee it'll be here long before the Goblet of Fire film comes out in November.

ORDERING FOR ALL POTTER'S EVE/JULY 15TH release parties for The Half Blood Prince INFORMATION: We know you're all frantically trying to get your projects done (if you haven't already) in time for the many, many hundreds of bookstore celebrations/parties for the release of Book 6. If you haven't gotten your finishing patches yet, the time to order is now, and from who? The only ones who can get you the kind of accuracy that you need,

For guaranteed delivery by the 15th, U.S. and Canadian customers must take advantage of the Canadian Xpresspost option (we're so very sorry, but other International customers do not have this option; if you're an international customer in dire need, contact Order from the site by MONDAY, JULY 11th, 2005 and we're offering a full money back guarantee to customers using Xpresspost who do not receive their patches by the 15th (Note: Ordering from the site in this case means ordering the minimum of 3 patches, and for refunds regarding this money back guarantee, we must require that patch packages are returned with the patches and marked "return to sender".) Ordering after the 11th requires the other option for guaranteed pre-party delivery, FedEx Overnight. But do you really want to take that chance? Order now and be safe!

Now for the rest of my note that I mentioned. Our regular customers will notice that the warehouse is in Canada. I, the webmaster and designer, am in the United States/West Coast. I have no control over the shipping of items; as far as production goes, I'm the "new" designer; there are lots of old designs here still in stock that I have nothing to do with. I am also the web designer who transitioned out of the Old Green that some of you might remember to our current format. There are some communication and language barriers that I deal with in the process of bettering the site and products for the company and all of you, so I'm going to have to ask that you be patient with us, because we're trying as hard as we can to get you the best of the best. This last long absense was mostly due to things happening on the Canadian end of the business, as well it was a much needed break for me after almost four whole months of constant tweaking of designs. Hopefully now we're all settled into our new areas and I think I speak for the rest of the company in saying that we are eternally grateful for your patience, understanding, and contributions.

A few final words before I start might notice now and in the future a few subtle changes here and there to the placement and designation of product; don't fret, nothing is "going away" or anything, it's just that I have to do this for the sake of the business and the security of the customers. The ordering process shouldn't be disturbed by anything. Also, I'll be fine-polishing the pages to include mini-guides/tips; i.e., adding to the description of each patch plainly what the each patch is suitable for. While each description does say what each one is supposedly meant for, I keep getting emails like "What patch do I need to get for my ____________ robe?" This way, it should be made clearer.

Thank you for remaining a faithful Patch Palace customer, and we all hope you have fun at the release parties on the 15th/16th!


1/25/05 | TUE: Attention PatchPalace Customers!

We're now open for business as usual. Thanks for the patience, and we hope you had a happy holiday season!

Also, the website maintainer would also like to offer his services as your Answer Guy for your questions about wizard costuming and the patches/designs that appear on the costumes. If you have a question about which patch you think you should be using for your costuming project, please feel free to ask JaCk at Thanks again!


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