News & Events Archive for 2004

12/16/04 | THU: PatchPalace is going on vacation!

So, with the exception of orders over $40.00, all orders arriving between Friday, January 7th and Monday, February 16th will be shipped the week of Monday, February 16th.  We will continue to ship orders valued $40.00 (or more) on a weekly basis every Monday.

To minimize delivery time, please order in advance and/or include the ExpressPost shipping option (i.e. add $7.00 to your shopping cart before checking out to get 4-6 day delivery service); Expresspost orders valuing $40.00 (or more) will also be shipped on Mondays only.

We here at PatchPalace will be doing our vest to honor orders expected to ship in time for Christmas; however, nothing can be guaranteed, so order as soon as you can in order to allow for a reasonable shipping time. Thank you and have a wonderful holiday season!


10/26/04 | TUE: We know many HP Patch fans must still be wondering how to order and get delivery before October 31st, considering that at this point FedEx Priority Overnight is really the only way to 100% guarantee receiving your order in time; we know it's pricey. So here's how we're going to try and make the extra $25.00 worthwhile for you if you choose this option:

For every order with AT LEAST 3 different single-item patches (i.e. individual patches) that you order along with payment for FedEx Priority Overnight ($25.00), we'll include 2 FREE single-item patches (i.e. individual patches) of your choice. Just make sure that the price of any of the patches that you select (as your bonus free patches) do not exceed the individual cost of any one of 3 items that you choose to purchase. When you send your Fedex Order, make sure you mention your choice of 2 free patches (using the IDs provided on this site). PLEASE NOTE THAT "SETS" do not constitute "single-item patches" (i.e., anything under the patch set category that is a set of 2 or 3 or 4 still counts as one singular item). And don't forget to provide your phone contact (required by FedEx).

We will ship all FedEx orders as they arrive (provided that they arrive before 3:00 PM Eastern Standard (New York) time.

Sorry to keep repeating myself, but the bossman wants to reiterate: PLEASE REFER TO THIS PAGE to add Payment for FedEx Priority Overnight into your shopping cart before checkout.


10/22/04 | FRI: SPECIAL FOR U.S. ORDERS ONLY!: FOR ALL REGULAR MAIL ORDERS (the "free shipping" ones) PLACED FROM NOW (Oct 22nd 4:00 PM Eastern Standard Time) UNTIL MONDAY, we're offering a Money Back Guarantee.

Details are thus: For the benefit of each of our USA Customers who don't want to risk the chance of losing money by buying patches and not receiving them in time for Halloween, we're offering a full MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if your order is not received by Friday, October 29th.

We will only refund you for patches that are SENT BACK to our address (shipping expenses for the returned patches will be customer responsibility). We cannot assume responsibility loss of your returned parcel. All refunds will be paid ONLY to the buyer's original PayPal address within 12-48 hours of our receiving your returned patches (sorry, but we cannot process mail/snail mail refunds).

However, for those who must absolutely get guaranteed delivery, then FedEx Overnight is the way to go: PLEASE REFER TO THIS PAGE to add Payment for FedEx Priority Overnight into your shopping cart before checkout. All FedEx Overnight Orders will be shipped the same day, if received at least 3 hours before 3:30 PM Eastern Standard Time.


10/21/04 | THU: A message from the boss: FOR USA/CANADA ORDERS ONLY: Expresspost delivers in 4-6 business days. If you add the Expresspost payment option ($7.00) into your shopping carts before you checkout, delivery will be guaranteed by Friday, October 29th (provided your order is recieved before the morning of Friday, October 22nd).

All Expresspost orders received after the morning of Friday (Oct 22nd) will be shipped on Monday, October 25th, and MAY (though not guaranteed) deliver by Friday, October 31st (the 4th Work day).

To select the Expresspost Payment into your carts, PLEASE REFER TO THIS PAGE.


10/17/04 | SUN: Very early morning here, but I just wanted to let you know what was coming midnight tonight:


Those are NEW Gryffindor and Slytherin mini patches with the black backing on them, for those who'd rather sew their small patches on than iron-on. Not to worry though, we're stiil offering and will continue to offer the other die-cut versions of the same patches. It's a matter of preference, and some people just prefer differently than others.

Which is why we have so many different versions of our items to choose from, and why we are committed to offering fans the widest selection online. Thanks, and keep an eye out for the above, I'll have them up by midnight tonight in their respective House sections. ETA 6:30 PM PST: The new quarter sized patches are up and ready for orders. -- J.


10/14/04 | THU (AGAIN): Hi there everyone. Just wanted to pop in and let you know that you might see a few subtle changes in the way we label things around here. Our products remain top-quality, however; it's just the way they're referenced. -- J.


10/14/04 | THU: A message from the boss: FOR USA/CANADA ORDERS ONLY: Between Mon, October 18th to Friday, October 23rd, we would advise adding $7.00 for EXPRESSPOST Shipping (4-6 business) shipping to guarantee delivery of your order by the 31st October.


10/13/04 | WED: All Quidditch patches are now available for purchase.

I'm working to get all pictures updated and to switch over the old PayPal buttons to the new ones on our server. Please do not let our ongoing reconstruction of the site deter your ordering; rarely does any of the site activity obstruct one's order. If you experience difficulties ordering because all of a sudden a page is not there, try again in a few minutes.


10/07/04 | THU (AGAIN): I'm putting this in a separate item on this because I think it's kind of important -- while toying around with the look of the item pages and creating a site-specific, friendly button set (you can see the new look [minus the green back scan of the patch] on this page), I discovered that the "View Cart" button doesn't work (I believe I also received an email about that). I'm going to try and fix that one ASAP, so bear with me (the "Add to Cart" button works fine, as far as I can see). -- JaCk

10/07/04 | THU: I've just updated the Gryffindor pages with information I'd suspected, but couldn't confirm before I had to write the last update. The Detailed 4" Gryffindor Patch (HP0022) , as one that I personally worked to revamp, is replacing the version of the HP0022 that sold out. I am pleased to present to you this version, which is slightly different but equal in workmanship and quality to the one that has sold out. I am also proud that this patch, as well as the other new works I've worked on, are exclusive to I can personally vouch for the quality and design of the new patches; the new Gryffindors are among my favorites (I also love the new Azkaban Slytherin). What I was most surprised with was how my own design for the Durmstrang Institute came out -- the scan definitely does not do the patch justice, and in hand the colors of the threads truly stand out as appropriate to that of the Dark Arts-centric wizarding school from the North. I am working on other patches for fans and collectors, including patches for the Ministry of Magic and other areas of the Potterverse.

As for the site itself, it looks like I'll be continuing to work on it as well. I will be adding the personal "About Us" section soon, and I think I'll also be tweaking the look of the site's pages (I don't know about you, but those white pre-made PayPal buttons don't really go with the design of the site). I am also handling some of the technical problems, but please note that if you are experiencing a technical problem, please be specific in your emails when you're describing the problem.

Thanks, and have a good one. (You can scroll down to see past updates, as I've yet to set up an archive for the site's pseudo-blog.) -- JaCk


10/05/04 | TUE: Hi all. Time for another announcement/update.

Customers please note that the Detailed 4" Gryffindor Patch (HP0022) offered on its own and within set HP00XX_ULTRA_SET is temporarily out of stock. We are taking preorders on more.

I'm doing the best I can within reason to update the site and get all of those green backed piccies off and switched to the lovely black ones. I've also been working on other pages within the site, including the About Us page, which now has out Affiliate Tags on it. Thanks for your patience, and please do scroll down to see updates of the past week. -- JaCk


10/01/04 | FRI: JaCk again. I guess that by now I should just say that I'll most likely be the spokesperson updating this page with the new information as it comes to me. If you have any questions for me directly, my email address is on our contact page.



QUIDDITCH SWEATER PATCHES! Yes, they're coming very, very soon. We know they've never been offered, and I was to design them from the new Quidditch Robe Patch designs quite easily. HP knitters (of Quidditch sweaters) can finally rejoice!

Okay, I know there are a lot of people wondering certain things about certain patches and such. Well, I've got to emphasize that this is a live site and things are being changed every day. I'm workin' on it for ya--but I have to ask that you be patient with us, and that we're doing the best we can to keep up with all of your questions and requests.

One of the issues that I've been hearing about is the shipping policy and basic orders from the site. What I believe that the owner would like to emphasize is that the site itself is for ordering three (3) or more patches (to make the concept of free shipping cost efficient). As a grand re-opening gesture and to rectify some concern/confusion over this, is, for a limited time only, lowering minimum number from three (3) to two (2) patches. For those wanting only one patch, our ebaY store is the route to go. We sincerely apologize for the confusion.

Also, PatchPalace would like to take the time now to say that we are eternally grateful to our customers and delighted beyond words that we can bring you such high quality products for your costuming products; we are also flattered by some of the admiration that comes in about our high-quality patches. We also must say that we are a small, independent "company" (if you can call us that) that has forged strong bonds with those robemakers and costumers who need our product in order to complete their projects. With that in mind, we are not currently looking to create wholesale relationships with anyone at the moment, but we do offer quantity discounts up to fifteen (15) patches (per item number). In fact, at the three (3) minimum, the quantity discounts already begin, and with free shipping, we believe that that's a win-win for our customers.

AFFILIATES! PatchPalace now has our own tags for you to link to us on your pages. Please check the "About Us" link to the left; that's where they are.

EDIT: AS OF 5 P.M. PST, the new Quidditch Sweater Patches are on the Quidditch page, ready to be ordered! They are on pre=order at the moment, and I'll let you know on this page when I get the information when they'll be shipping.



JaCk here, again, for PatchPalace. I've updated a few things on these pages, and I'd like to emphasize that this is a live site, and things are being added and fixed along the way during our grand re-opening. Please scroll down for updates of the past two days.

Information is coming in faster than I can get it up here at times, so you'll have to bear with me. The latest is that there are patches that have been ordered that are currently on PRE-ORDER. The list of those are as follows:

HP PoA Gryffindor Robe Patch
Detailed Gold Hogwarts Tom Riddle Robe Patch
Detailed Silver Hogwarts Madame Hooch/Quidditch Referee Robe Patch
HP PoA Sirius Black's Prison Number Patch and the
Four NEW Quidditch ROBE Patches

I'm told that they will ship when they come in, and that's the beginning of October. Customers should be able to get them well before Halloween so that they can finish their costuming projects. It's quite possible that I'll be getting the scans for the Quidditch SWEATER patches I designed today as well (HP knitters rejoice!); there will now be accurate, appropriately sized patches for Quidditch sweaters, and I will put them up on the site as fast as I can. Are you as excited as we are to offer them to you?


9/27/04 | MON: JaCk here (the new designer/artist/whatever) for PatchPalace. I've been doing most of the designing and the re-write of the text based on the owner's original text. So here goes: it has come to our attention that perhaps new customers (and some old) have missed reading the minimum purchase for free shipping requirements that was located in the link in the previous update. Again, we here at PatchPalace must emphasize for you to CLICK HERE FOR ORDERING INFORMATION AND OUR SHIPPING POLICY. In order to get free worldwide shipping, we must have orders of three or more patches, and for ordering any quantity less than three, customers should refer to our ebaY store.

However, since people have ordered some already, as a grand re-opening gesture, the minimum order quantity has been lowered to two (2) items (not 3) for the benefit of returning customers. PatchPalace will gracefully honor free worldwide shipping for all orders of two (2) or more items. Those interested in purchasing only one item, please refer to the ebaY store (where shipping charges are automatically totalled).

We apologize for the confusion, and to further explain: PayPal does not seem to allow us to set the minimum purchase number for the shopping cart. Thank you again, and thanks for your patience.


9/26/04 | SUN: Hey there! Welcome to the new site. We hope you like our new look.


We know that fans of our patches have been clamoring for the new designs of our wizarding house robe patches. Well, they're here!

The singularly most requested redesign that our new designer has seen was for the Azkaban Slytherin, but we also have redesigns for all the wizard robe patches, including Quidditch (robe and sweater). We have three new Hogwarts shield patches designed after robe patches from the films, too, as well as a new Azkaban novelty patch. Check out the list, and feel free to browse!

HP PoA Slytherin Robe Patch
HP PoA Gryffindor Robe Patch
HP PoA Ravenclaw Robe Patch
HP PoA Hufflepuff Robe Patch
HP PoA Sirius Black's Prison Number Patch
HP PoA Two-Toned Grey Threaded Hogwarts Shield Patch
Detailed Gold Hogwarts Tom Riddle Robe Patch
Detailed Silver Hogwarts Madame Hooch/Quidditch Referee Robe Patch

We also have a new Beauxbatons patch, as well as a Durmstrang patch, designed by our new artist. You can find them by clicking the lightning bolt in the graphic menu above, or by clicking the Potterverse in the left text menu.

We will be filtering out old photos and introducing new photos of our newer products as they become available; because of image theft in the past, we have started securing the bulk of our item photos with watermarks. Please do not let these deter your purchases, and also keep in mind that a scan can never do justice to having the actual sewn product in hand (color variations, stitching, etc.).

The Quidditch patches, both sweater and robe, are in production as of this publication.